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Cannabis inspired designs

CannabizArt are arty crafters who create, arty crafty items in support of legalisation.

After our vegetable and herb garden was unfairly raided without a search warrant, we have first hand knowledge of how cruel prohibition is, and decided to try and actively support the activists fighting for re-legalization of cannabis.

Our arts and crafts focus on Cannabis inspired designs.

Please support those who support Fields of Green for ALL  and our local artists at the same time.

To place an order, or make enquiries – send an email to me directly.

Unfortunately I do not supply goods on consignment.

SOAP: medicinal and healing, made with infused cannabis oils – all natural and organic ingredients.

CERAMICS: handmade in the middle of the Knysna forest. Every bowl has an impression of a cannabis leaf. These are most popular products but are in short supply thanks to relentless Loadshedding.

JEWELLERY: Handmade, vintage or pre-owned, sterling silver pendants and more.  A collection of jewellery stoners might like.
TEXTILES: Only made to order and according to demand- cushions, fabric baskets, tea towels with unique screenprinted designs by The Natural Hand