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At Cannabizart, we are dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the legalization of cannabis.

“Washing prohibition away,” encapsulates our belief that cannabis should be embraced for its potential as a healing and transformative plant.
( yes and that prohibition is dirty! )

This exceptional soap is handmade using a unique blend of premium ingredients, including rejuvenating olive; avocado; castor and coconut oils, along with a little beeswax. We’ve taken it a step further by infusing our soap with the incredible benefits of cannabis sativa, and sutherlandia frutescens, enhancing the soap, making it extra medicinal and effective..

Cannabizart Handmade Soap has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-aging, and antibacterial properties. It soothes irritated skin, combats the signs of aging and helps maintain a healthy complexion.

With no added color dyes or perfumes, the aroma is subtle and does not linger on your skin.

Perfect for everyday use as well as for shaving and caring for teenage skin.

Together, we can wash away prohibition and embrace a brighter future – one shower at a time.

Simple Seed in Plettenberg Bay stocks our soap, priced at R60 each or R500 for 10 bars.